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colorado seo search rankingsOnline Marketing Done Right can Massively Increase Sales

Businesses that watch trends and then position themselves for maximum returns are the same businesses that are growing, even in market downturns. Your ability to position your business at the forefront of today’s trends can catapult you ahead of the competition. You can leap frog over and leave behind those businesses that are stuck doing things the same old way they have for years!

More and more small local businesses owners are starting to catch on to the Internet’s potential to grow their businesses, take competitors’ customers and add brand new revenue streams they never imagined existed.

Today, more and more “pre-customers” searching for information are finding those big, heavy Yellow Pages directories too cumbersome, inconvenient and limiting. Even ignoring their overwhelming bulk….which Yellow Pages should you look in for the information you need? Many homes receive at least three different jumbo-sized phone directories each year.

Face it…It’s so much easier and for everyone to search out information online!

Based on 2009 figures – 80% of searches are done online, while the antiquated phone book is used only 20% of the time and this number has steadily dropped about 5% each year. Clearly today, tomorrow and in the future – your business’s ranking within online search results is more critical than ever.

There’s one crucial point to remember about people doing business searches online. They are buyers searching for places where they can purcahse goods or services they know they want. Why not make your business the one where they spend that cash?

Online Marketing Strategies

Depending on your business’ target market and products and services, there are alternative and complimentary methods that can guide your online marketing strategies. For example, if your customers are typically walk-in local customers, focusing on Local Search ranking and making your website mobile compatible makes the most sense. But if you sell products or services to buyers nationwide or even globally, your marketing approach should focus on general search engine results.

Local Search Optimization

Do you operate a local retail establishment, a food/drink/entertainment business that serves your local community, or are you a local service firm such as a plumbing contractor? If so, the number one thing you can do to grow your business today is have The Client Factory optimize your search engine listings in Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN), and several other local search directories. We can optimize your listings with powerful photos, videos, maps, and descriptions that will put your business at the top of local search listings.

Whether your next customer is driving around trying to find a place to eat with their iPhone, or it’s a homeowner jumping online to find a plumber fast, you’ll be right there when your future customer is ready to buy!

Search Engine Optimization

Having your website listed on the first page of Google search results can make a dramatic difference in the amount of traffic visiting your website. The challenge is, Google, Yahoo, and Bing change their search result algorithms almost daily. This means no one can guarantee you a number one listing for the most popular search terms forever!

The key to SEO success is to provide the search engines with what they want, and it isn’t just about search terms that are in high demand. It’s about properly coded websites with Google sitemaps. It’s also about content that’s so incredible, hundreds or even thousands of others link to your website because you’re the “authority” on a particular search term.

Successful Search Engine Optimization or SEO involves both on-page factors as well as off-page factors, and it’s a science The Client Factory can help you navigate successfully.

Purchased Traffic

Imagine you were able to spend $100, and as a direct measurable result, you were able to sell $400 of product and net profit $200 after costs. Would that be a good investment on your part?

I think most of you would agree that would be a good ROI (Return on Investment). That is essentially what pay-per-click or purchased web traffic is all about. You spend X amount of money, and it results in Y amount in sales. As long as you are in the black after expenses, purchased traffic is a very profitable marketing model!

The Client Factory can manage profitable pay per click campaigns for your business or organization. We keep a very close eye on our clients’ ROI. We succeed by eliminating search phrases that don’t work and concentrating on search phrases that maximize returns. If you have a great product and a highly converting website, pay per click marketing can open up a multitude of new marketing channels for your business.

SEO Front Page Ranking

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of designing your website in a way that is ideal for search engine scanning. When a search engine scours the Internet for matches on a keyword or phrase, there are many factors that go into its ranking system; relevance, popularity & activity, to name a few. The websites that rank highest will appear first in the search results. You want your website at the top of that list for the keywords your target audience is searching.
colorado springs seo marketing keywordsKeywords
The more prominent the keyword, the better it will be picked up by search engine spiders. Having a keyword in your URL, your headlines, titles, article summaries, etc. will do great things for your page rank.
colorado springs marketing link-buildingLinking
Search engines give great weight to web pages that have links on keywords than to those that simply contain the keyword within the text.
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